Kanebo Sensai – Review

Kanebo Sensai Review


Kanebo Sensai is the wrinkle cream series under the Kanebo Cosmetics line of products. Kanebo Sensai is designed specifically to “plump up wrinkles from inside with fresh, new collagen.

Kanebo Sensai has a series of anti-aging products in its anti-wrinkle line up. Kanebo is especially known for its Sensai Cellular Performance wrinkle repair service line that includes:

  1. Wrinkle Repair Cream: Encourages the natural growth of collagen in order to plump and smooth out wrinkles from within the skin.
  2. Wrinkle Repair Essence: Again designed to encourage and optimize the natural formation of the skin’s collagen significantly improving the quality and quantity of this collagen.
  3. Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream: Same as above however designed specifically for the eyes. Designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the ultra sensitive eye areas.

There is also the Sensai Premier line as well as a dedicated purifying and facial cleansing line, Sensai Silky Purifying. In addition to these a ‘prevention’ line is also available known as Sesai Silk, specifically created to target the early signs of aging, working along with the philosophy that prevention is better than cure.


  • Straight forward product line and not too fragmented or diverse in options
  • Choice of lotions, serums, creams for all skin types
  • Uses collagen growth techniques for all of its wrinkle repair creams
  • Great amount of useful information on their website


  • Difficult website navigation
  • Not easily available (only 1 official seller in the US)
  • No full ingredient list available online
  • High price – some products cost up  $500 for 40ml. Looking at $150-$350 for those in the Cellular range.

Actual Customer Feedback:

“I bought this in last Christmas…. this is the best essence i ever used. i loved the tonic too…. highly recommend. it’s expensive but totally worth it…” Portion taken from Amazon

“…this being as expensive as it is I was expecting some good results… instead I got no results at all! it seems to just do absolutely nothing..not really hydrating, def no wrinkle reduction… I feel somewhat compelled to finish it because I paid so much..” Portion taken from Makeup Alley

“… I’m noticing that the annoyingly tiny fine lines are not so obvious. The cruel longer lines aka wrinkles seem less obvious…. The cream in not oily at all. It’s light and spreads easily and is absorbed well. The only problems I have with this cream is that, firstly it’s very expensive and I feel like I’m also paying for the elegant packaging & bottle… And secondly, alas! …it does nothing for my dark circles and puffiness.” Portion taken from Makeup Alley

Ingredients: (for Cellular Performance range mentioned above)

Moon Peach Leaf Extract, CPX Vital Extract, Koishimaru Silk Extract. No full ingredient list available

Our Conclusion:

The Kanebo Sensai range of anti-aging and skin care products is up there with other premium product however using more exotic ingredients and moving away from the traditional anti-aging ingredients such as Argireline or Matrixyl. Like other top end products price always comes into play and we believe that many of the negative reviewers have factored price into their feedback so you can expect a few negative responses. We also like to see effective yet affordable products on the market and several hundred dollars simply doesn’t fit everyone’s budget especially if the users themselves can’t vouch 100% of its effectiveness.


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